Why Donate

Why donate? To us the answer’s obvious. We make SIGHTER free to download. No ads, and fully functional with free unlimited updates — so, donations. But we have a not-so-obvious point of view about that we’d like to share.

If the SIGHTER mission can achieve the global concentration of users we’ve predicted in the next year or so, the planet will be prepared to capture enormous amounts of analyzable video and metadata – usable data – validated data, with good fidelity, and excellent provenance — on UAP/UFO sightings in real time, worldwide, for the first time in history – all by people like yourself.  That’s a long sentence, but it describes a worthwhile goal if there ever was one. We believe that goal to be achievable and one that will make a real difference in the study of UFO/UAP. That’s our point of view. That’s our goal.

We hope you feel the same, because we just can’t grow fast enough.

We’ll use your donation to improve the app faster. Moving the project forward as fast as we can, we’ll increase user densities globally, add functionality, develop better alerting and sighting algorithms, and improve the UI. The SIGHTER app will remain free and fully functional, no ads, no subscriptions; and constant, weekly, and sometimes daily updates at no charge. And we won’t grind you for money every time you open the app or download an update.

If you believe that the SIGHTER project is a worthwhile one, please make a quick and easy, one-time, non-tax deductible donation of just a jillion dollars to the project. If hundreds of millions or jillions is a stretch for you, then just $1, $2, $5 or $10, will be appreciated all the same.

You’ll be providing financial support to SIGHTER  without the expectation of equity, repayment, or financial returns, so we sincerely hope you’ll make your donation because you feel strongly about the importance of our mission.