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SYSTEM INTEGRATION and strategic partnerships

We’re thinking ahead. Hopefully you are , too.

SIGHTER is looking to expand its capabilities beyond its current feature set by integrating additional functionality through collaborations with external partners.

Early Stage Discussions: SIGHTER is actively seeking interested third-party vendors or developers who share a vision for expanding SIGHTER’s visual and multispectral capabilities. Early feasibility discussions could lead to advanced discussion and development of functional, operational and performance requirement sets. If this is your space, we encourage these discussions.

Integration With Existing Platforms: Other mobile app developers in the UFO/UFOLOGY/UAP research or entertainment space may want to discuss integrating SIGHTER’s technology into their existing application platforms as a white-labeled add-on, feature or function set. This could have the effect of rapidly increasing the distribution density of “SIGHTER-tech enabled” users and dramatically increasing the volume of consistently captured UAP visual and metadata made available to researchers — while short-cutting time and cost for the development of similar, independent functionality.

And With Others Such As:

API-Enabled Software or Hardware Add-ons: SIGHTER is open to exploring different integration options. This includes the possibility of integrating external technologies through API-enabled software, allowing communication between third-party add-ons and SIGHTER’s platform. Hardware add-ons such as OTS FLIR and advanced telephoto capabilities could be re-calibrated (or developed) to physically connect with smartphones to enhance our platform’s capabilities. Other purpose-built applications are certainly a possibility.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning: AI and machine learning developers for algorithms that analyze visual data more effectively.

GIS and Mapping: Geographic Information System (GIS) and mapping companies might join forces with SIGHTER to integrate our technologies.

Drone Technology: Businesses specializing in drone technology might explore partnerships with SIGHTER to integrate drone-captured visual data, broadening the platform’s data sources and capabilities.

Meteorological and Environmental Monitoring: These companies can partner with SIGHTER to integrate weather and environmental data, helping correlate UAP sightings with specific weather conditions and locations.

Research Institutions and Universities: Academic institutions focusing on space research, astronomy, or meteorology might collaborate with SIGHTER to share expertise and data, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of UAP phenomena.

Consumer Electronics: Smartphone manufacturers or other consumer electronics companies could explore a partnership to pre-install the SIGHTER app or integrate specific hardware features that enhance the app’s functionality.

Defense and Aerospace: Defense and aerospace companies may find value in a partnership with SIGHTER to collaborate on research related to UAP sightings and share relevant expertise.

Educational: Online educational platforms or e-learning providers can partner with SIGHTER to offer courses on UAP research or visual data analysis.

For those interested in exploring these strategic partnership possibilities, email