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The global SIGHTER rollout will be challenging. And some might just say “Nope”.  

But when we act collectively, no challenge is too difficult, and no mystery too puzzling.

SIGHTER’s effectiveness will rely on the distribution density of its users. The logic behind SIGHTER alerts, and the polling algorithms used to identify false positives, will be optimized over time, making SIGHTER increasingly effective.

While SIGHTER ver 1.0 will be fully functional, gathering user feedback is essential to its evolution and improvement.

Our Early adopters will play a crucial role in providing that feedback, which will help us improve SIGHTER, enhance its features and ensure its success.

Note: It is important for early adopters to enable auto-updates from the settings on their mobile devices once they install the SIGHTER app to stay up to date with evolving features, notices and improvements.

Early phase

  • During this phase, the default distance radius between SIGHTER users will be at its widest, but will never exceed practical viewing distances.
  • The majority of uploaded sightings will be single-user sightings.
  • While multiple user sightings may occur, they will be uncommon.
  • Swarmed sightings, where many users report the same sighting, will be rare.
  • Data fidelity will be at its lowest.

Later phase

  • In this phase, the alert distance radius between SIGHTER users starts to shrink.
  • Users will be alerted to sightings within a narrower geographic radius.
  • Most uploaded sightings will still be single-user sightings.
  • Multiple-user sightings will become somewhat more common.
  • Swarmed sightings still uncommon.
  • Data fidelity will improve compared to Phase One.
  • Advanced feature set prototyped and user tested.

even later phase

  • During this phase, the distance radius between SIGHTER users will continue to shrink.
  • Users will be alerted to sightings within a specific radius, but will have the option, within limits, to control the distance from which they receive alerts.
  • Multiple-user sightings will increase.
  • Swarmed sightings will be more frequent.
  • Data fidelity will be  better yet.
  • Advanced feature set enabled/released.
  • Sighting dashboard designed and prototyped.