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now the rest of us have a role.

Now that the world knows they  are, it’s time for the world to get real, too.

By having SIGHTER on your smartphone, your chances of actively participating in — witnessing, recording, and alerting others in real-timeto an active UFO/UAP sighting, increases dramatically.

get the SIGHTER app — and just be ready.

SIGHTER is a first-of-its-kind populist and accessible mobile app for real time collection of crowd-sourced visual and metadata used to study UFO/UAP.

Many if not most UAP events go unseen   and go unreported when they are. When that SIGHTER alert comes, you’ll be ready to fix both of those.  

You never know where. You never know when.

You’re not alone. When one user sees it, you’re pointed right to it seconds later.

Neither your location nor identity are ever revealed to other users.

Easy to Use

Simple. Uncomplicated. Error resistant. Easy visual acquisition. Auto Upload directly to SIGHTER servers — now or schedule later. Auto focus, low-light enabled.

A Serious Tool

Serious data collection: SIGHTER is a purpose-built tool for UAP data collection by private citizens.


A SIGHTER alert from another user points you right at it. Point, shoot and upload.  anonymously.


sIGHTER uses live user polling to curtail false positive alerts and uploads.

Analyzable Data

Contribute to a dataset free from misleading or fabricated information.

the power of

SIGHTER is a real-time data capture tool and employs readily available smartphone technology which nearly everyone has on their person or near them 24/7.

Simple to use – just point, alert, shoot, upload. SIGHTER does the rest.

UFO (now often “UAP”) sighting visual and metadata captured by SIGHTER users — then maintained and curated by SIGHTER – will contribute to the study of UAP by researchers worldwide. Research, analysis — and the best possible visuals that you’ll have direct and early access to as a premium user.

Start the Shift

From Fabrication to Verification

From Anecdotes To Evidence

From myth to

Drive Discovery: Your Contribution Matters

SIGHTER’s mission is to engage users worldwide in active participation of UAP sightings. And not just to capture better UAP data, but to educate, increase awareness — and reduce the decades-long stigma associated with reporting UAP sightings.

UAP visual and metadata collected by SIGHTER is completely anonymous.

“Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence.”


"Every Observation, No Matter How Small, Contributes To Our Collective Understanding And Helps To Build A Foundation Of Knowledge."