Executive Summary


SIGHTER is a revolutionary mobile application with the mission of empowering global citizens to actively engage in the study of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs). Our fully functional SIGHTER app, now available for iOS, and soon for Android, serves as a proof of concept for our groundbreaking approach. But more than that, SIGHTER will enable and drive a global mission of discovery.

SIGHTER will enable and drive a global mission of discovery.

The Problem

Worldwide UFO/UAP research faces numerous, decades-long challenges, primarily due to inconsistent reporting. Many sightings go unreported due to the stigma associated with them, lack of awareness, or the absence of a centralized reporting system. When reports do emerge, they often lack crucial details such as precise location, time, and weather conditions, which hampers effective analysis. Furthermore, the delay in sharing information can hinder timely data capture. Current platforms struggle or fail to encourage high active user engagement, resulting in missed opportunities for user-generated content and community building. Accessibility to hightech UFO/UAP detection tools is limited, restricting data collection. Fragmentation within the research field slows insight sharing among different organizations and individuals, while privacy concerns deter potential reports. Additionally, many existing platforms rely primarily on anecdotal data collection, offering limited options for comprehensive analysis. We stand apart in these regards.

The Solution

SIGHTER is poised to forcefully address these challenges. Our platform offers a standardized method for collecting UFO/UAP data, ensuring that reports are consistent and of high quality. With a user-friendly app accessible to anyone with a smartphone, SIGHTER aims to broaden the base of observers, resulting in a more extensive dataset for scientific analysis. Real-time user polling and metadata cross-referencing are employed to reduce false reports, and so maintaining the fidelity of the data collected. By enabling global participation in UFO/UAP sightings, SIGHTER significantly expands geographical coverage for data collection. Moreover, SIGHTER promotes data sharing and collaboration, fostering a collaborative approach to research and analysis. The platform and system enhance data quality by capturing video images of UFO/UAP sightings from multiple observer positions in real time, complete with comprehensive metadata like time, location, and weather conditions.

Dr. David Spergel, Chair for NASA’s Independent UAP Study Team, on several occasions, has spoken of the advantages of leveraging crowd-sourced, ubiquitous smartphone tech to capture more and better UAP data uniformly, which will provide the basis for true collaborative and multi-sourced UAP data analysis. Our team has developed just such a system.

Market Opportunity

The market opportunity for SIGHTER is substantial, as recent statistics indicate a record high and growing interest in UFO/UAP phenomena. In 2021, 4,700 UFO/UAP sightings were reported in the United States alone (only 4% of the global population), with an increasing percentage of Americans believing in the reality of UFO/UAP and the idea of their potential intelligent control.

After <60 days of organic user exposure, SIGHTER’s conversion rate on the app store (downloads from product page views) is over 30%. A conversion rate of over 30% from product page views to downloads for a mobile app is considered by Apple to be exceptionally high.

Impressions to download conversion rate is 6%.  The historical average on the app store is 1% to 5%.

With no user post-download engagement or contact, the 7-day retention is above 85%.  A 7-day retention rate above 85% indicates that a significant proportion of users who downloaded the app continue to use it a week after installation. This is a strong indicator of high user engagement and satisfaction. The historic average 7-day retention rate on the App Store is 20-25%.

Though the number of downloads is predictably low given the absence of any marketing, outreach or promotion whatsoever, these are remarkable early metrics of general interest for the SIGHTER app and mission.


Our team at SIGHTER represents a strong mix of experience, all passionately committed to realizing the SIGHTER mission. Founder David Coy brings extensive leadership and project management experience, combined with a background in online businesses. The team also includes accomplished professionals in UX/UI design, application development, marketing, legal, and scientific research. Communication, community engagement and deep understanding of the market culture and technical challenges in the space rounds out our startup roster.

Business Model Blend

SIGHTER adopts a flexible business model designed to support its mission and achieve profitability:

  • A freemium approach that allows for free access to basic features, including UFO/UAP sightings, alerts and direct participation in sightings.
  • A premium subscription that offers enhanced features for a superior user experience.
  • Data and software licensing partnerships that present opportunities for revenue generation.
  • The platform is open to donations and sponsorships from individuals or groups that share our mission of advancing UFO/UAP research. This is critical positioning, and reinforces SIGHTER’s brand as a pre-eminent provider of UFO/UAP data to researchers worldwide. As the density of users grows, sponsorship will play an increasingly important role in providing sustaining revenue and increasing our bottom line.

Go-To-Market Strategy

To ensure the success of SIGHTER, we’ll use a multifaceted go-to-market strategy that includes leveraging app stores, social media marketing, and forming strategic partnerships and collaborations within the UFO/UAP research community. Software licensing and synergistic relationships with others in the space will both build SIGHTER’s brand and expand our reach.


SIGHTER is seeking seed funding ranging from $1,000,000 to $3,000,000 to accelerate the development, distribution, and growth of the business. This funding will power up our mission.

Next Steps

The raised funds will be effectively allocated to:

  • Expedite product development, including real-time global UFO/UAP alerting, tracking and enhanced analysis capabilities.
  • Invest in marketing and user acquisition to expand our user base.
  • Strengthen data infrastructure and security to ensure user trust.
  • Attract top talent to continue innovating and delivering an exceptional foundational product, an effective and revolutionary data gathering and distribution system, and to continually energize our business model.

With these resources, SIGHTER dares to utterly redefine UFO/UAP research through innovation, true collaboration, and global community engagement. The SIGHTER mission will advance our understanding of these enigmatic phenomena.

Please see the pitch deck for greater detail of the SIGHTER mission, goals, its operation and implementation strategies.

Founder: David Coy

Contact: info@sighter.io